“Moira gave me a beautiful tarot reading during a lull in my life. She had me choose a spread that resonated with me and reviewed my astrology chart beforehand. Her knowledge of my astrological placements aided her in the reading and made everything feel much more personal. She made me feel extremely comfortable during the reading and helped me to examine parts of my life I was refraining from studying too deeply. Her knowledge on the subject is clear, and her ability to interpret the cards in a way that makes sense to those who don’t have as much experience is particularly helpful and comforting. Moira’s reading really helped open my eyes and nudge me in the right direction to pull me out of this “trench” I’ve been feeling stuck in. I am forever grateful.”

Mckenzie Alder

Kayla Lyman

“Moira gave me a tarot reading regarding my spirit guide and gave me a lot of great guidance on dealing with my current relationship, my financial situation, and my career pathway. She was able to relate all the cards to situations in my life and it really helped me see the bigger picture. It definitely gave me a lot of good stuff to think about regarding future decisions I’m going to make. I loved my experience and definitely would recommend getting a reading done by her. ”


Bridger Christiansen Headshot

“Moira gave me a Tarot reading regarding my career. Before my cards were read she reviewed my astrology chart. She was able to do a great job tying in astrological devices into the reading which made the reading way more personable and relatable. During the reading, Moira found extremely useful information regarding what was benefiting me, what was holding me back, and what I would need to be aware of moving forward. She discovered underlying themes in the cards that really resonated with me. Overall I would definitely go again and if you’re thinking about going to her, just do it–it will be well worth your time.”