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This astrological reading is perfect for someone with little to no astrological knowledge, but can also be beneficial to someone with some astrological knowledge. The Personal Planets reading will offer a well-rounded explanation of astrology especially pertaining to your own natal chart. Comes with a digital/printable copy of your full natal chart.

In this reading, you will receive about a 1.5-hour personalized review of your chart with Moira.


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The Personal Planets astrological reading will offer a well-rounded explanation of astrology especially pertaining to your own natal chart. Specifically, it includes information about your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Some aspects included. This is the perfect place to start if you are interested in personalized guidance on what Astrology can offer you.

No prior knowledge on any of these topics is required, but all levels can gain powerful insights. All readings come with an interactive Zoom call and a digital copy of your astrological birth chart.

I look forward to doing a personalized reading for you.
Still unsure? You can reach out to me via my Contact page or via DMs on my socials via my Twitter (@moirology1) or my Instagram (@moirology) for any questions.
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5 reviews for Personal Planets Reading

  1. Allison Allred

    I was looking for a good “jumping off point” to get more in tune with my chart. Moira was the perfect person to go to for more information! She explained my placements very well, and provided me with great insight that I will use when studying my chart in the future. She also helped me understand the general characteristics of my personal planets, and how they play into the larger picture of what makes me, me. I’ve gotten multiple readings from Moira now, and would do another in a heartbeat. Would recommend for anyone looking for more detailed information about their chart. Definitely set aside the time to go over your chart with Moira, your future self will thank you.

  2. Livi Poppleton

    moira is incredibly thorough & educated. any time i had questions she had answers. moira’s way of introducing astrology & laying it all out was surprisingly not overwhelming, moira made astrology understandable (which is not an easy thing to do). great conversations, positive energy and good vibes. 10/10 recommend!!

  3. Mads

    11/10 recommend Moira to anyone who might be intimidated by exploring astrology. She explained everything in a way easy for me to grasp as a beginner, but her vast knowledge still shown through. I can’t wait for our next session!

  4. Olivia

    Moira was so intuitive during our whole reading and was able to pull out details about myself that I had never realized could be related so closely to my birth chart. As a beginner to Astrology, it was so eye opening to see how it all connected. She was so easy to talk to and just as accommodating as we did our reading over zoom.

  5. Tennyson

    This reading was amazing! It was really cool to see how the pieces of my personality play together. Astrology has a lot of moving pieces and can get confusing, however, Moira was able to help me understand it. I highly recommend getting your personal planets read.

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