Beginner Pack


Beginner Pack pictured- Sun, Moon, Rising crystals, birth chart, and personalized spell.


This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one that is interested in the metaphysical world, but is unsure where to start! The Beginner Pack gives you a personalized introduction into the ancient and mystical worlds of Crystals, Astrology, and Witchcraft.

Based on your astrological chart I will handpick a crystal for your Sun, Moon, and Rising. I will also give you a typed explanation of how each crystal will enhance and assist these placements for you!

You will also receive a typed and handpicked beginner spell with spellcasting tips.

If you would like more personalized recommendations on crystals that could improve your life, book a Crystal Consultation with me for only $10 more!

DM me on Twitter (@moirology1) or Instagram (@moirology) and begin your guided journey into these beautiful practices!


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