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Moirology offers 3-card tarot readings that come with a digital copy of your astrological birth chart for only $25. My tarot readings uniquely combine the ancient languages of Astrology and Tarot to unlock insights about yourself, others in your life, and any situation that requires intuitive discernment.

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Receive a 3-card tarot reading with Moira. This short yet powerful reading is only $25 and incorporates your astrological birth information for a personalized reading. Common examples of 3-card readings are Past-Present-Future, Mind-Soul-Body, and Situation-Obstacle-Lesson. My tarot readings uniquely combine the ancient languages of Astrology and Tarot to unlock insights about yourself, others in your life, and any situation that requires intuitive discernment.

No prior knowledge on any of these topics is required, but all levels can gain powerful insights. All readings come with an interactive Zoom call and a digital copy of your astrological birth chart.

Book your Tarot Reading now on the website (book above), via my Twitter (@moirology1), or my Instagram (@moirology)!
Still unsure? You can reach out to me via my Contact page or via DMs on my socials (above) for any questions. Also, be sure to check out my content on social media and reviews below to see what YOU could gain today by booking.

6 reviews for 3-Card Tarot Reading

  1. Emily Hanover

    Moira gave me a 3 card tarot reading on New Year’s Eve. I went into the reading with my past, present, and future in mind. With the new year beginning I was hoping to understand my past and what might hold me back in the future and that is exactly what I got! Moira used her knowledge of astrology alongside her knowledge of tarot to give me a very accurate, personal, and informative reading! Going into the reading I didn’t know much about astrology or tarot and afterwards I felt I had a much better understanding of both. Moira made me feel comfortable and gave me opportunities to ask questions which in turn provided a very open and honest environment. I would recommend Moira to anyone that is new to tarot readings, like myself, because she creates the safe environment to ask questions and discuss.

  2. Kaelei Lowry

    Moira gave me a three card reading for mind, body and spirit. With the new year approaching, I wanted insight as to where I am currently and what I could improve on. Moira did so with her vast knowledge of astrology and tarot to provide me with an insightful and self informative reading. On top of the initial reading, Moira explained how astrology and tarot coincide with one another in helping me understand my reading. I felt comfortable and would recommend Moira to anyone who desires a reading and wishes to gain astrological knowledge.

  3. Sydney

    I had a reading today with Moira about my birth chart and a past/present/future spread. Moira did research previous to our conversation to make sure she was familiar with my chart so as to further the experience for me. The comfort I was given through this reading was really welcomed as I’m making some big life changes, it was nice to know the stars are on my side. Moira was very professional, thorough, and efficient, something a Capricorn like myself greatly appreciated. I highly recommend.

  4. Justine

    Moira did an inner child reading for me (how my inner child feels, what my inner child needs, and how to parent my inner child). What better way to level with your present emotional state? Moira read into all the key components of my current situation that signal a need for action and reflection. And if you don’t know Moira, she’s incredibly approachable and funny which helps if you are looking to get some serious tea from your reading. Maybe I’ll track my birth certificate down so I can actually get my rising sign next time..

  5. Cole

    Moira did a great job at helping me decide which “kind” of reading would best be suited for me and was very personable 🙂 I’ve never had a reading done before so I was a little hesitant, but she made me feel like we were just having a good old conversation, which also helped me to understand the reading itself. The reading itself was helpful and gave me insight on some decision making. It was also rather accurate, lol. I can’t recommend Moira enough — she’s so kind, funny, and knows what she’s talking about :^)

  6. Catey Anderson

    Moira did me so good y’all. This was my second reading from her and it was just a successful as the first one. I’ve done one for helping guide a career decision and one for helping find clarity before a surgery. She comes in calm and open minded which in turn had that effect on me. You can tell Moira is passionate about tarot which made me very confident in her interpretation of the cards. I highly recommend her astrology guidance as well.

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