Witchcraft Supplies: 7 Powerful Materials And Items for Beginners

Witchcraft Supplies: 7 Powerful Materials And Items for Beginners

Welcome to Witchcraft! A fantastically magical way for anyone interested to get to know themselves, nature, and so much more. Congrats on choosing to practice a candidly beautiful and mindful lifestyle. This article will give you some direction and potential witchcraft supplies to incorporate into your practice.

Now, it is important to note that it does not REQUIRE any materials to begin your practice in Witchcraft. YOU are an integral part of every spell and are more powerful and priceless than any incense, candle, or other witchcraft supplies you may buy. Daily meditation, yoga, journaling/writing, or even just walking outdoors barefoot for a short time are practical ways to start. After all, the main practice with witchcraft is harnessing energies, so it is my advice to you to look into these simple, powerful practices before getting too ahead of yourself. So no, you do not need to buy yourself or witchy boo a $98 Crystal Valentine Box to be a real witch (but it sure is CUTE isn’t it?).

All that said, some simple and affordable Witchcraft Supplies can get you excited about your new interest and sometimes can even make it more personal and real for you!

Here is a quick overview of

7 Beginner Witchcraft Supplies:

  1. Candles
  2. Incense
  3. Spices/Herbs
  4. Smoke Cleansing, Smudge Sticks, and Sage
  5. Tarot Cards
  6. Crystals
  7. Jars/Containers


Candles are an easy, versatile, and relatively cheap item to incorporate into your spells and other witchy practices. Also, they are fairly easy to get ahold of. With grocery stores, local shops, and the plethora of online stores available, there are plenty of personalized, cute, and minimalist options to choose from. Again, since this is your practice, you can choose candles that best reflect you. Or, you may even choose not to incorporate them if their energy does not resonate with you.

For me, I like to have simple candles in many colors. Color is a powerful factor to consider when buying your candles. For instance, green can be used as a color of abundance and relates to money. However, a good rule of thumb (especially for beginners trying to save money) to remember is that a white candle can be a substitute for any color whenever needed.

Another consideration is if you would like to use scented or unscented candles. Since a major aspect of Witchcraft is honing in on a specific mindset, I would recommend only using scents to amplify what your spell or intentions are by using that candle. For example, a lavender-scented candle would be fitting to use for a relaxation spell. Or, an unscented candle is always a safe bet so you can focus on the color.

*Bonus Note* Candles are also used to create a wax seal over containers to seal spells. It is generally easiest to create these seals with a tall, thin candle that is free of any casing.


Incense is another of the witchcraft supplies that I recommend. It can set the mood for your purposes. Some Witches have even developed their magic to the point of being able to manipulate smoke. This is an intriguing goal that I myself aspire to complete.

Aside from smoke manipulation, incense is a product inspired by/made with plants (depending on the incense you buy it may be more natural) that brings relaxation to many. It too is relatively cheap! Incense can accompany any activity, spell, or ritual you see fit. Some incense will even have purposes, benefits, and more in the product description or directly on the label. Be sure to check those if you’re interested in incense and looking to make a purchase for your personal Witchcraft Supplies.


Spices/herbs are another of the practical and affordable Witchcraft Supplies, ideal for use by closeted witches as they are a common household item. Although, not all of them can be found in your kitchen pantry. Some herbs may need to be bought or could possibly even be collected in your backyard, depending on the region in which you live. Another option for some spices is to grow them yourself because what says “witch” like a bunch of cute plants growing in your house? Bonus points if they’re able to be used in cooking or other practical ways.

These small bits of plants each have specific properties and power associated with them. For instance, sometimes salt is used to cleanse or protect. If you’re interested, check out this simple and thorough list of herbs.

In summary, there are many ways to determine the type of herb you would like to use. You may want to start by getting to know many uses and powers of various herbs all at once or you may prefer the route I have taken which is more of a “learn as you go” method. To clarify, I like to follow lots of witches on various social media and I listen in when they offer information on the powers of various objects/materials (in this case, herbs). Additionally, I will take note when creating my own spells on which materials are used and why. This practice allows me to also have a powerful (and fun!) association with my materials and myself to associate with the memory and therefore enhance the memory. Another fantastic tool for learning more about herbs/spices in witchcraft is Pinterest.

Smoke Cleansing, Smudge Sticks, and Sage

Sage and Paulo Santo

When using sage specifically, please ensure it is not white sage or palo santo wood unless of course, you are indigenous. Due to recent popularity, white sage and palo santo are being overharvested and smudging is a sacred practice for indigenous peoples. As said in Bustle, “[s]mudging refers to a specific healing cultural spiritual practice, but smoke cleansing can look a lot like smudging, but it’s just the simple act of burning herbs, wood, incense, or other safe-to-burn materials that possess unique cleansing properties”. Some people choose to ensure their source is ethical or directly from indigenous peoples and that is a potential alternative. Ultimately, being mindful in your practice is best and you must make the choice for you on how to incorporate smoke cleansing into your life.

Smoke Cleansing

Using these natural and aromatic supplies can be powerful in setting a mood, cleansing bad energies, or bringing in good energies. Cinnamon or pine bundles are a specific example of this. Some witches even like using these witchcraft supplies on themselves and items before entering their houses, similar to washing your hands after a public setting. This will help cleanse you of any unknown energies you have picked up and assist in ensuring your house maintains clean energy. Oftentimes, witches and other smudge-stick-users will utilize smoke cleansing when moving into a new apartment, after a break-up, or as a ritual to remove any lingering bad vibes on any level. It is perfect for cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. Oui, We worded it well with more clarification on best practices for smoke cleansing and more clarification on smudging vs. smoke cleansing.

Tarot Cards

These mystical cards use powerful, timeless symbols to divine meaning and guidance from any question you may have. They are one of my favorite witchcraft supplies. However, in addition to their power to help you interpret, tarot cards can also be used in various spells. For example, the “The Lovers” card is commonly used in love spells.

I have heard that many who use tarot cards prefer to use different decks for different purposes. For instance, one for magic work, one for readings for yourself, and one for readings with others. Not only does this give you the opportunity to own multiple decks, but also specifies that deck’s energy for specific purposes.

Additionally, it’s an exciting reason to own more decks! Thanks to the vast opportunities of the internet, there are numerous tarot card decks to suit each person’s interests, including even a gummy bear tarot deck.

We also offer unique Tarot Readings that incorporate your astrological birth chart to give you a personalized answer to any life question! I would be honored to read your cards.

Utilizing tarot cards offers powerful symbols and images to assist you in getting in touch with your intuition and utilize your energies to divine guidance on any issue/question.


You may have been waiting for this one, as it is a favorite of witchcraft supplies for many witches and non-magic workers alike! Crystals are of an endless variety with more new shops popping up daily. They vary anywhere from their raw form to various molded shapes such as moons, pillars, and more! Not only does each type of crystal come in many different forms, but there are also numerous types of crystals, each with varying powers and purposes.

Stunning heart-shaped crystal

McKenzie, an employee of Crystal Tones and manager of the Instagram @k.crysties, not only has a passion for crystals but also growing experience with them. Her advice to those beginners looking to incorporate crystals into their lives is to go to a local shop in town and handle each one that calls to you and determine which resonates the most with you. Again, reiterating the idea of this being your practice and therefore it should reflect you and resonate with you. To date, this is how I have been acquiring crystals. Steadily I purchase them as they call to me, receive them as gifts, and discover them myself in nature. Obtaining your crystals in these ways creates a bond with them and is an effective way to ensure they will offer more power during your spells.

Regarding how to learn the powers of each of these remarkable, witchy rocks I follow a similar “learn-as-you-go” mentality as I mentioned with herbs. Certain crystals are useful for certain spells. For instance, Rose Quartz is popularly called for in love spells as “the Lovers” tarot card is often used in the same kind of romantic spells. Is it starting click? If crystals call to you most, it will be worth learning their specific properties and any other information on them to build the bond you have with them. Many others share this love and adoration for crystals and can be found through simple searches on various social media platforms. Pinterest is a strong tool for learning the actual properties of each crystal.

Jars and Containers

Do you find yourself keeping containers just because you love being thrifty and practical? Or you just KNOW they would be perfect for something in the future? Well, the good news is you already have witchy tendencies in you! Jars and containers are perfect for creating Jar Spells.

To the right are just a few upcycled (meaning creative re-use of an item) containers I have and plan to use for witchy purposes. They can be used for jar spells, to hold your various spell ingredients, plant propagations, and any other purpose you see the best fit for your container! If you need some sooner, I recommend the glass sections at your local thrift store or discount stores such as T.J. Maxx.

These spells consist of various materials (herbs, crystals, and other ingredients) each with powers that strengthen your spell. After adding each ingredient, usually a chant or incantation is recited to before sealing the spell. Oftentimes, as mentioned in the Candles section above, they are sealed with wax to complete the spell.

What To Do Now?

Each of these materials and items serves a purpose in Witchcraft and daily well-being. Harnessing your inner-energy and then utilizing these tools has considerably improved life and hopefully will improve yours too! To reiterate, before getting too caught up in a spending frenzy or thinking you need certain tools to be a “real witch”, remember that there are many free ways to participate, and getting in touch with your inner-self will substantially improve your experiences and results.

Now that we have covered some tools, both physical and strategic, you are prepared to begin your craft! For more useful and fun information on Tarot, Witchcraft, and Astrology, follow our blog or other social media. I’m looking forward to being friends with you.

Did I miss anything? Or do you have anything to say about the topic? I LOVE knowing what you think of my work, so please take advantage of the comments below. If you want to contact me specifically, please use the ‘Contact‘ form available in the tab above.

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