Meet Moira

Moirology Creator

My fascination for Astrology began how many fascinations begin–as an ironic joke in high school to gain social media interaction. I would study the signs and say “wow, I am SUCH a Libra” at any possible opportunity. Little did I know that once I discovered my Moon sign, the joke would grow into a passionate hobby and eventually my career.

Now Astrology has become a language I share to understand people, situations, and ultimately anything I’d like to add language to. I find myself searching celebrity’s, politicians, and random people at parties’ charts alike in this ongoing attempt to add language to how I understand them.

I’ve been told I have a gift for explaining Astrology as well as writing so I’m here to combine them and share the benefits Astrology has brought me through my website. Please enjoy and click my “Contact” page if you’d like to reach out.

Moira Ross - Moirology Creator

Creative Director & Designer

Drake drawing

From a young age, I’ve always had an interest in art, specifically design. I was always designing logos for made-up companies, drawing original clothing designs, illustrating my own made-up cartoons, you name it. Thankfully, the importance of creativity still isn’t lost on me in adulthood. It’s my belief that we all have creative and unique ideas to contribute to this world, and it’s one of the more beautiful things about the world around us. I try every day to use my creativity as a vehicle to share what I’ve learned with other people, and I love when they do the same. I believe in Moirology and our ability to do just that. If you’re reading this, I’m eager to learn from you and you from me.

Being the brother of the creator of Moirology, I was expecting some degree of me contributing my ideas and helping out a little. However, the more I continued to share my ideas with Moira, the more I became invested in this idea. I found myself unable to think about anything else. Before I knew it, she and I were discussing being business partners, and I was starting to envision us achieving something really special.